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Omega VRT350 Review

Omega VRT350 Review

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There are two main features of the Omega VRT350 that are close to win him the best masticating juicer award. The high efficiency fitted in a vertical design. The VRT series are often referred as low-speed juicers, because of their 80RPM speed, allowing them to squeeze the juice and deliver higher juice yields than centrifugal juicers. The slow speed also protects the juice from oxidation and allows the juice to be stored up to 72 hours without degradation.

The Omega VRT350 juicer does a good job with most types of produce. The clogging problems need to be addressed by cutting leafy greens and harder fruits and vegetables like celery and carrots into smaller pieces. It has very good juice yield but you will need a separate strainer because the produced juice is quite pulpy. The price tag is relatively high compared to the horizontal Omega J8006 juicer. However, it is a small price to pay if you need a juicer that saves space, has good design and operates quietly.

  • Juice Quality – Despite of struggling with some foods, the juice yield of fruits and vegetables is quite good.
  • Easy to clean – Most of the people find it to be easy to clean. Mainly because of the self-cleaning feature;
  • Warranty – 10-year warranty compared to other brands like Breville’s 1 year
  • Design – Beautifully designed product which you can just leave on the counter in the kitchen with ease.
  • Quite – Compared to other juicers, especially centrifugal, operates relatively quiet.

  • Harder foods – The juicer is not working well with harder (like carrots) and green (like celery) foods.
  • Too much pulp – Many owners are complaining that there is too much pulp in the squeezed juice.
  • Clogging – Some users shared problems with certain foods like celery, carrots, and beets. They have to be cut into smaller pieces before dropping them in the juicer. Sometimes the pulp ejection port gets clogged.

Omega VRT350 Features

Low-speed juicing system

The 150Watt motor operates the knives at 80RPM and is squeezing instead of grinding, which allows the juice to be of pure color, good taste and keeps the vitamins. Slow RPM also prevents oxidation of the juice so it can be stored up to 72 hours after squeezing.

Space saver

The Omega VRT350 can be easily stored in the kitchen. You can easily leave it on the counter since it has a small footprint and attractive design.

Dual stage juicing

The juicer processes whatever you put inside twice. First, it’s crushed by the auger and then pressed through the juicing screen leading to higher juice yield.

Easy to use and clean

The self-cleaning rotary brush makes it easier to clean. A wiping blade cleans juicer’s screen and prevents it from getting clogged from the pulp.

10 Year Warranty

Omega VRT350 is being sold with a 10-year warranty which is something good to consider.

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