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Omega J8006 Review

Omega J8006 Review

Total Score 9.2
Juice Quality
Yielded Juice
Ease of Use
Clean up

  • Good for leafy greens – The only drawback is that the throat of the feeder is very narrow and you need to cut leaves in smaller pieces.
  • Very easy to clean – Everything can come apart easily and the juicer comes with a cleaning brush. Average cleaning time reported by owners is around 5 minutes.
  • Very Quiet – Many users have reported that the juicer is very silent.

  • Much pulp in the juice – When juicing soft fruits or vegetables there is more pulp than usually and the foam stays within the tube.
  • Not suitable for soft fruits – Owners have reported that the auger gets clogged when juicing soft vegetables like pears and apples.
  • Price – For those who are not sure what you’re looking for or the ones that are not sure if they can stick with the healthy juicing habits the Omega J8006 looks pricey at a first glance.

There’s a reason Omega J8006 is the best seller masticating juicer on Amazon. It has a ton of positive reviews and every juicing enthusiast, even the ones that choose another juicer, are aware of its pros. But what is so special about it that doesn’t apply to other juicers?

Let us be honest, there is no juicer on the market that suits and satisfy everybody’s needs. Some are better for soft fruits and vegetables, others for leafy greens while some are most suitable for hard foods. You need to consider what you are going to use the juicer for before purchasing. The reason Omega J8006 is the best selling masticating juicer on Amazon is because it is multi-functional. It does a great job juicing soft and hard foods as well as leafy greens like wheat grass, spinach, and celery. And you can even use it as a grinder to make your own nut butter or nut milk.

Omega J8006 is for the advanced user who is juicing on a regular daily basis and does not spend a few bucks extra in exchange for quality. The ones who appreciate the consistent quality juice with more nutrients are going to love the juicer. It is also suitable for those who want to not just have a juicer but an all-in-one food processor for cooking butter, homemade pizza and powder seeds and spices.

Omega’s best-selling juicer deserves to hold the top spot. It is definitely the best masticating juicer on the market and a perfect fit for your kitchen arsenal.

Omega J8006 Features

Best Seller on Amazon

With its 4.5 out of 5 stars based on more than 3 thousand reviews, it is considered the best masticating juicer.

Runs at Slow Speed

Compared to the other juicers that process at rates such as 1,650 to 15,000RPM, Omega J8006 speed is 80RPM. The slower system doesn’t mean longer juicing time but more efficiency and higher juice quality.

Higher Juice Quality

The slow speed protects the juice from oxidation and prevents degradation for up to 72 hours. The natural color, taste, and appearance of the juice remain while the foam is discarded.

Dual-Stage Juice Processing

It is designed to mimic the chewing mechanism of human beings. First, the fruits and vegetables are crushed and then pressed. This system produces higher juice yield compared to juicers with centrifugal and grinding mechanisms.


With its 15 years warranty, you are assured to get the best quality on the market.

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