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Kuvings B6000 Whole Slow Juicer Review

Kuvings B6000 Review Whole Slow Juicer

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In this post I will share my experience with the Kuvings B6000 juicer and hopefully, will help you to decide whether it is the right one for you or you should look for a different alternative. But first, let me share a bit about my juicing habits.

Juicing is fast catching on among people who want to feel better, look better, and enjoy a better overall lifestyle. I’m definitely one of those, well, at least I try.  As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to be part of the hipster subculture to appreciate its myriad of benefits.

Drinking yourself healthy through juicing can be very appealing to people of all ages.  It makes fruits even more delicious and vegetables that you cannot seem to eat in their solid form, more palatable. Wouldn’t it be great if you can do this everyday, and anytime you want?  Then it’s time for you to find a reliable juicer that will help you stick to a regular juicing habit.

Slow juicers are generally expensive compared to centrifugal juicers.  It’s like buying high-quality steak.  You may think a 400-gram medium rare T-bone steak is extravagant. But when you start to rave about its marbling, and how juicy and tender the meat is, the price becomes secondary. That’s how you should look at a slow juicer. Call it a good investment. As others would have it, there is no price for good health.

Enter Kuvings B6000.  Probably the only juicer you will ever need, that is, if you’re not a hoarder. Let’s call it B6000 for short, like you’re fast friends.  The B6000 has impressive features and qualities that make this the one juicer to beat.

But just like anything, it may not be the perfect appliance that you are looking for.  Seriously, is there even such a thing?  Nonetheless, it might as well convince you that despite your preferences and nitpicks, you can still consider owning a piece of this juicing marvel.

Why you should consider the Kuvings B6000 Whole Slow Juicer?

With all the information available on Amazon and other product review sites, allow me to present this juicer to you by way of notable pronouncements (from the maker, sellers or other reviewers) which we will label “as advertised”, “the lowdown” (comments based on my personal experience) and “pro tip”, if any.  Let’s start dissecting your future juicer, shall we?

Clean Vertical Design

As advertised

Made of Ultem Tritan ABS and PC Premium design shape makes your kitchen more beautiful.

I am a fan of its design.  It’s beautiful, the vertical yet horizontally compact facade will surely fit in nicely with the other high-tech appliances on your countertop.  Even if it doesn’t have the stainless steel exterior which I like so much, the Kuvings B6000 comes in 3 eye-catching colors: red, silver, and white, and can easily match your kitchen theme.

At over 17 inches tall however, it can be a challenge if you have a vertically tight space.

Wide Feed Chute

As advertised

3-inch wide feeding tube fits whole produce, cutting prep time.

First of all, the Kuvings B6000 is a masticating juicer (read: slow), which is a type of juicer that uses a twisted rod or auger (a crushing screw, if you will) instead of blades, to extract juice from the source.  This source can be a fruit or a vegetable.

“Whole” means, you can slide the entire fruit such as an apple directly in its feeder which is wider than usual at 3 inches. As such, no cutting is necessary, for the apple at least.  And maybe some other fruits of the same size. This not only saves time in preparation but also preserves the nutrients of the produce which would otherwise be diminished by cutting.

That is until you need to include carrots. This “whole” bit may only pertain to selected fruits and vegetables, to be honest.  While carrots could very well fit in the feeder, you still need to cut them beforehand so that they will not overwork the auger, or worse, clog it.

Ironically, the instruction manual also calls for you to do some pre-cutting of produce in general, to ensure smooth operation of the juicer. You wonder, is the “whole” pitch just a marketing ploy? Maybe in some way.

High Juice Yield

As advertised

Efficient at extracting juice from produce, giving higher than expected yields.

I am more than happy to agree that the Kuvings B6000 does an excellent job at sucking the life out of any produce.  As in bone-dry pulp remainder.  The higher juice output is also evidence of this power.  But this is exactly a clear advantage of masticating juicers over centrifugal ones.

While this is common among slow juicers, the pulpy juice output can turn off some people.  I personally prefer this because they say that the pulp is just as nutritious, if not better, so they’re more than welcome to sit in my fresh juice anytime.

Pro tip

If pulpy juices are not your thing, you can simply use a strainer on your juice cup or pour the juice output over a gravy separator. You will have smooth and silky juice as a result.  You can also add thirty more seconds to lessen the juice’s pulpy texture. How do you do this? Just when you’re done with juicing, continue to run your juicer for half a minute more, and you will notice the difference.


As advertised

Features low-speed juicing that can preserve more nutrients

Usually we say the faster, the better.  In the world of juicing however, people are starting to take it “slow”.  On record, the Kuvings B6000 has a speed of 60 RPM.  And if that’s not slow, i don’t know what is.  Especially if you compare it to the speed of a typical centrifugal juicer which could run 100 times faster at 6000 RPM upwards.

While the jury is still out on which type of juicer is the best in preserving nutrients in the juice, what i know is that, less air gets incorporated in the juice during a low-speed juicing process.  As such, more enzymes and nutrients are locked in, thereby producing a healthier juice output. You can even store the extracted juice for up to three days and it will taste just as great.

Pro tip

If you are always in a hurry, you and the B6000 might be a mismatch. It is a “slow” juicer after all, and for good reason.

Powerful Motor

As advertised

Powerful 240W Motor Quiet operation Can process very fibrous fruits and vegetables Unit stays cool quiet and stable Dual safety system with 3-way ventilation

This juicer is great because being slow enables it to operate quietly.  As such, you can simultaneously turn on an electric mixer whenever you have to multitask, and it won’t compete with its noise. At the same time, it holds steadily without vibrating.  It also has a “smart cap” which lessens any drops and spills, if not avoided altogether.

On the contrary however, stringy and fibrous produce such as pineapple, ginger, romaine lettuce, etc. can easily jam the auger. The lettuce leaves tend to hug themselves tight on the crushing screw if you don’t cut them prior to juicing.  Even the soft fruits such as bananas like screwing up with your auger, pun intended.

Also, the motor overheats when used continuously for thirty minutes. This could happen while you’re still not finished with your juicing.  Needless to say, that’s quite a hassle.

Pro tip

To address the issue of clogging, you can try alternating your hard and soft produce when juicing multiple ingredients.  Start with say, apples, then follow up with  bananas, then carrots, etc.  And when you are about to end, your hard produce will be your finale.

Just like your hair dryer, you need to give your juicer a break after about 30 minutes of continuous usage to avoid overheating. After all, it’s not built for commercial use.  Cut it some slack, will you?

Easy to Use

As advertised

The juicer is easy to operate, just follow the red dot indicators

How this juicer operates is quite straightforward. Kuvings B6000 has a single button which is used to power it on or off, rotate by either crushing it forward, or going on reverse.  The reverse rotation is used when you need to unclog the auger.

You also have the food pusher which you only need to press down on the fruit or produce once and it will take care of itself. Again, press down only once.  Don’t get too eager to pound on your produce, it will get enough beating from the auger. The juice and removed pulp are collected on separate cups.

The set consists of 13 detachable parts namely: feeding tube, drum lid, juicing bowl, pulp and juice cups, smart cap, rotation wiper, cleaning  and rotating brushes, pusher, strainer, juicing screw and most importantly, the motor base.  The sheer number of parts could be pretty overwhelming although, each one serves a significant purpose. I had a tough time assembling them at first.  It’s not really because the instructions were difficult to follow but more like, there’s just so many of them.

Cleaning Can Be a Bummer

As advertised

Cleaning tool makes cleaning a breeze

While it’s good they included the cleaning tool, cleaning is neither a breeze nor a cake walk.  The detachable parts are not dishwasher-safe which can be a bummer.

Manually washing its several components seem cumbersome but actually, they are easily cleaned with lukewarm water.  You just soak the plastic parts on water for a few minutes. You can also throw in some baking soda for good measure, especially on the juicing bowl for a deeper clean.

Pro tip

Make sure to thoroughly clean your juicer when you use produce with small seeds such as kiwi, strawberry, guava, and the like.  You sure don’t want to breed a whole new generation of bacteria on your juicer, do you?

Good Choice for Nut Milks

As advertised

Makes nut milks, frozen fruit desserts

It’s great to know that you can also use the Kuvings B6000 instead of buying a powerful blender, to extract milk from almonds and other nuts.

When you want to extract milk from nuts however, they must be soaked in water for at least four to six hours before you can place them in the juicer. Similarly for making ice cream and sorbet, you need to slightly thaw the frozen ingredients beforehand.  In other words, you can’t just decide to use your juicer right there and then, and expect it to deliver the perfect milk or ice cream when you disregarded the preparation it requires.

Pro tip

You may also apply the principle of adding water to any hard produce such as coconut or grains, as it helps in better juicing.


As advertised

Has a 10-year warranty

Thank heavens that this juicer is backed by a 10-year motor warranty, giving 5 years for parts and labor, while relatively being cheaper than its nearest counterpart.

Compared to The Other Kuvings Juicers

The B6000 (both S and W) is one of the top-rated Kuvings models, but the brand does have a few other options to consider.

The Kuvings C7000 is a a cold-press juicer so crushing speed is definitely lower than the B6000.  Design is pretty much at par but will set you back by 50 dollars more.

The Kuvings NJE-3580U is a horizontal masticating juicer but at half the price of the B6000.  It is faster at 80 RPM, lower power at 170 watts, and smaller feeder chute.

The Kuvings NS-950 is pretty much the same as the B6000 but faster at 80 RPM.  It is also cheaper by sixty dollars.

The Kuvings NJ-9500U is fast and cheap because it’s a centrifugal juicer.  Enough said.

Pro tip

If you’re a slow juicer newbie, you can go for the Kuvings NJE-3580U as this would be the cheapest masticating juicer from the Kuvings brand.

Alternatives to The Kuvings B6000

The Hurom HU-100 is a vertical masticating juicer that costs 10% less than the B6000 but has no 10-year warranty to boast of.

The Green Star GS-3000 Deluxe is a horizontal masticating juicer which is designed for heavy usage but expensive by 20% more than the B6000.

The Omega VRT330 is the same as the B6000 design-wise but is more versatile as it can also whip up almond butter and baby food at 80 RPM.  It is 40% cheaper than the B6000.

The Omega J8006 is a horizontal masticating juicer backed by a 15-year warranty and priced less than the B6000.

Now that you’ve read about the things you need to know about the Kuvings B6000 Whole Slow Juicer, are you ready to add it to your kitchen essentials? In any case, choose the B6000 if it suits your lifestyle (and your budget). And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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