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Breville JE98XL Review

Breville JE98XL Review

Total Score 8.4
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  • Value for money – The ratio between price and quality is strongly in favor of Breville JE98XL compared to other juicers.
  • Easy to use – Having two speeds high and low and the extra-wide feed chute makes it very easy to use. Also, the parts are very easy to set apart for cleaning.
  • Speed – The juicer is very fast and strong. You don’t need to wait for hours to get a gallon of juice as you would with masticating juicers.
  • High-quality juice – The juicer generates very low heat and keeps the nutrients and vitamins in the juice. All the materials that come in contact with the food are BPA-free ensuring good health of the owner.

  • Noise – It is common for most centrifugal juicers to be noisy because of the high speed they operate on. Not very pleasant when there’s someone sleeping in the next room.
  • Leafy Greens – JE98XL is a centrifugal juicer and as such, it is not as efficient as masticating juicers when it comes to juicing leafy green vegetables. Running the pulp second time might be necessary to extract extra juice.
  • Lots of foam – Because of the high speed it operates on, more air goes into the juice and at the end, there’s more foam than you’d like.

The Breville JE98XL Fountain Plus juicer is a mid-range centrifugal juicer that has all the functionalities of its high-end Breville cousins but at significantly lower price. The product has an 850watt motor with two speeds making it suitable for various kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The JE98XL model is one of the most popular Breville juicers simply because it provides great value for your money and high quality juicing. It is very simple to use, easy to clean and juices fast.

The Breville JE98XL Fountain Plus is a perfect choice for juicing beginners who want to make their feet wet and try to incorporate juicing habits while not investing too much for a high-end juicer. The 2-speed setting is a perfect solution for those who are busy in the mornings and want to start their day with a healthy portion of juice.

Breville JE98XL Features

High speed

The 850watt motor provides two speeds – slow at 6,500RPM and high at 12,000RPM. The slower speed is intended for soft fruits and vegetables while the higher is more effective for hard foods. Both speeds help maximize the effectiveness of the yielded juice.

Extra-wide feed chute

Allows you to juice bigger fruits and vegetables with little or no cutting or preparation. It’s a common feature across Breville juicers. They integrate into almost all of their products.

Easy to clean

The juicer comes with a cleaning brush. Most of it parts can be washed in the dishwasher except for the mesh filter basket.


An overload protection system ensures that the juicer won’t overheat by turning it off when it senses that the machine is overloaded. A safety arm ensures that the juicer cannot operate before everything is in place.

What Breville JE98XL Owners Are Saying

Owners are extremely happy with the 3-inch wide feed chute since it allows them to put whole fruits into the juicer. Of course, you need to peel the citrus fruits. The juicer is also easy to use. There are only two speeds – fast and slow. Use the slow one for soft fruits and vegetables and the fast for the hard ones. However, some owners are not very happy with the duo-speed system because they often find themselves changing the speeds while juicing – starting with the slow and moving to the fast one to get the juice through the filter.

The juice is clean, without pulp. However, many people noticed that the pulp is wet but there are no big chunks of veggies in the container. Some owners put the pulp back through to get the extra juice that is left.

As most centrifugal juicers, the JE92XL isn’t the best performer when it comes to leafy greens. An easy hack is to interchange hard and leafy greens. Start with the hard one on the bottom. Try carrots or celery for example, and then put some kale, spinach or any other leafy green vegetable. Then repeat until you’re happy with the amount. Finish with hard foods on the top again. That way you will have drier pulp and can add the nutritional values from leafy greens to your juice.

Cleaning is easy if you do it the right way. Wash the juicer right after usage and do not let the leftovers from the fruits and the juice to dry. One technique many owners use to save themselves some work is to put a plastic bag in the pulp container. That way they just throw away the bag and there’s no need for cleaning the container. There are only 7 pieces to wash and they’re easy to detach. The hardest one to clean is the mesh filter. The holes are so small that it is almost impossible to wash it if it’s dried out. The cleaning brush comes handy in that case. Overall, the required time to clean the juicer is around 3 to 5 minutes.

The short warranty is definitely a drawback. Some owners reported that after 2-3 years of usage the stainless steel juicing basket is showing strong signs of wear. Another problem some users noticed is that on the highest settings, there’s a chance the juice to splatter. That happens on the fast setting, so keep it in mind and don’t juice with your favorite clothes.

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